NDA 1 Answer Key 2014

NDA 1 Answer Key 2014, Check UPSC NDA 1 2014 Answer Key Here. UPSC conduct the NDA 1 exams on month of April 2014. So candidates can check NDA answer key 2014 here.

NDA 1 Answer Key 2014 :- UPSC NDA 1 Exam will be conduct on April Month 2014. All all candidates who appeared in exam can check their NDA NA Exam Question paper Solution Here. Answer key will be updated with in 24 hours after the exam so keep patience and wait for the respective code wise answer key or question paper solution

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA) exam twice in a year. NDA 1 examination hold in the month of April and NDA 2 examination hold in the month of August. After taking NDA exam, all candidates want to check NDA answer key 2014 because of checking NDA answer key and paper solution then can estimate the expected cutoff marks in NDA 1.

The written exam subjects , time duration and maximum marks as follows:-

Subject Code Duration

Maximum Marks

Mathematics 01 2-½ Hours


General Ability Test 02 2-½ Hours


Total 900

There are two papers conduct mathematics and general ability test, each paper time allowed same as 2:30 hours and the maths paper maximum marks 300 and the other one general ability test maximum marks is 600, total maximum marks 900.

NDA 1 Answer Key 2014:

NDA 1 Answer Key 2014NDA 1 exam is going to be held on  April 2014 . There are many students who are going appeared in the NDA 1 exam 2014. After the exam, every one wants to be check their answer key. Answer key in other words known as the question paper solution. NDA 1 Answer Key 2014 will be published with in two days after exam. NDA 1 Answer Key 2014 is declared by the many coaching institute. There are many coaching institute who provides the coaching classes for the students for the exam preparation.  All candidates who took NDA 1 exam, looking to check NDA 1 Answer Key 2014. All are excited to know the answer sheet of NDA paper.

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NDA  Application Form 2014

NDA  Admit Card

NDA Result

NDA 2013 Answer Key
Mathmatics General Ability Test
Q.No Codes Q.No Codes Q.No Codes Q.No Codes
Set A Set B Set C Set D Set A Set B Set C Set D Set A Set B Set C Set D Set A Set B Set C Set D
1 C C  C C 76  C  C  C  B 1  A  A  C  D 76 B  A  A  -
2 A  A  A  C 77  A  C  A  C 2  C  A  B  C 77  C  C  C  B
3 D  B  D  C 78  A  C  D  A 3  A  B  A  B 78  C  B  A  A
4 D  B  A  B 79  A  B  D  C 4  C  C  C  B 79  C  D  C  D
5  C  B  B  A 80  C  A  D  A 5  C  B  B  C 80  A  A  A  A
6  B  A  A  B 81  C  B  A  C 6  C  B  D  C 81  A  C  C  B
7  C  B  C  A 82  A  A  B  B 7  B  C  C  B 81  A  D  B  C
8  D  B  C  A 83  D  A  B  A 8  C  C  B  D 82  C  C  D  D
9  C  D  B  B 84  D  B  D  D 9  B  B  A  A 84  C  C  B  D
10  C  C  C  B 85  A  B  C  C 10  A  B  C  D 85  D  B  D  B
11  C  A  A A 86  C  A  A  C 11  C  C  A  C 86  A  B  -  A
12  A  D  B  A 87  B  A  D  C 12  B  D  A  B 87  B  B  B  B
13  B  C  A  B 88  A  B  C  C 13  A  C  B  A 88  B  D  A  B
14  A  C  C  D 89  B  D  C  B 14  C  B  C  C 89  A  A  C  B
15  C  A  B  D 90  A  D  A  B 15  B  B  B  B 90  D  C  A  B
16  C  C  C  B 91  C  B  C  C 16  D  B  B  D 91  A  -  B  A
17  B  A  C  D 92  A  D  A  A 17  C  C  C  C 92  C  B  C  C
18  A  A  C  A 93  B  A  A  D 18  B  B  C  B 93  A  A  C  B
19  C  A  B  B 94  B  B  A  A 19  A  C  B  A 94  C  D  C  D
20  A  C  A  C 95  B  C  C  B 20  C  C  B  C 95  A  A  A  A
21  D  C  B  B 96  A  B  C  A 21  D  A  C  A 96  A  B  A  C
22  D  A  A  D 97  B  D  A  C 22  C  C  D  A 97  B  C  D  D
23  D  D  A  D 98  B  D  D  C 23  B  A  B  B 98  B  D  C  C
24  D  D  B  C 99  D  C  D  B 24  B  C  D  C 99  B  D  A  C
25  B  A  B  C 100  C  C  A  C 25  C  C  C  B 100  B  B  A  B
26  C  C  A  D 101  A  D  C  A 26  C  C  B  B 101  A  D  D  C
27  A  B  A  D 102  D  D  B  B 27  B  B  B  C 102  C  D  B  B
28  D  A  B  D 103  C  D  A  A 28  D  C  B  C 103  B  C  A  D
29  A  B  D  B 104  C  B  B  C 29  A  B  C  B 104  D  A  B  B
30  B  A  D  D 105  A  D  A  B 30  D  A  C  B 105  A  C  A  D
31  B  B  C  C 106  B  C  C  C 31  A  D  A  C 106  C  C  A  -
32  D  C  D  A 107  C  A  A  D 32  A  C  C  D 107  D  D  A  B
33  A  A  A  D 108  A  D  D  A 33  B  B  A  B 108  C  C  D  A
34  B  C  C  D 109  C  A  D  C 34  C  B  C  D 109  C  C  C  C
35  C  A  A  C 110  A  B  C  A 35  B  C  C  C 110  C  D  B  A
36  D  C  D  B 111  C  A  B  D 36  B  C  C  B 111  D  D  C  B
37  D  B  D  C 112  B  C  C  D 37  C  B  B  B 112  D  B  A  C
38  D  A  D  D 113  A  C  D  D 38  C  D  C  B 113  C  B  D  C
39  C  D  D  C 114  D  B  C  D 39  B  A  B  C 114  A  D  C  C
40  C  C  B C 115  C  C  C  B 40  B  D  A  C 115  C  B  A  A
41  D  C  C  C 116  C  A  C  C 41  C  C  D  A 116  C  D  B  A
42  D  C  A  A 117  C  B  A  A 42  D  B  C  C 117  D  A  B  D
43  D  C  B  B 118  C  A  B  B 43  B  A  B  A 118  C  A  D  C
44  B  B  A A 119  B  C  A  A 44  D  C  B  C 119  C  B  A  A
45  D  B  B C 120  B  B  C  B 45  C  B  C  C 120  D  A  C  C
46  C  C  B C 46  B  D  C  C 121  D  A  -  C
47  C  D  C A 47  B  C  B  B 122  B  A  B  B
48  C  A  A B 48  B  B  D  C 123  C  C  A  A
49  B  C  C B 49  C  A  A  B 124  D  C  D  B
50  A  A  A A 50  C  C  D  A 125  B  D  A  A
51  B  D  C  B 51  B  A  A  D 126  D  A  B  A
52  A  D  B  B 52  B  D  B  D 127  A  B  C  A
53  A  D  A  D 53  D  C  B  C 128  A  B  D  D
54  B  D  D  C 54  A  A  B  A 129  B  A  D  C
55  B  B  C  A 55  C  A  B  C 130  A  D  B  B
56  A  C  C  D 56  -  C  A  C 131  A  A  D  C
57  A  A  C  C 57  B  B  C  D 132  D  C  D  A
58  B  B  C  C 58  A  A  B  C 133  C  A  C  D
59  D  A  B  A 59  D  B  D  C 134  A  C  A  C
60  D  B  B  C 60  A  A  A  D 135  A  A  C  A
61  C  C  B  A 61  B  A  C  D 136  C  C  C  A
62  A  A  D  A 62  C  A  D  B 137  B  B  B  A
63  D  D  A  A 63  D  D  C  B 138  A  D  C  C
64  A  D  B  C 64  D  C  C  D 139  B  B  C  C
65  B  C  C  C 65  B  B  B  B 140  A  D  D  D
66  A  B  B  A B 66  C  C  A  D 141  A  -  D  A
67  C  C  D  D 67  B  A  A  A 142  A  B  B  B
68  C  D  D  D 68  D  D  C  A 143  D  A  B  B
69  B  C  C  A 69  B  C  C  B 144  C  C  D  A
70  C  C  C  C 70  D  A  D  A 145  B  A  B  D
71  A  C  D  C 71  C  A  A  B 146  C  B  D  A
72  B  A  D  B 72  B  B  B  B 147  A  C  A  C
73  A  B  D  A 73  A  B  B  D 148  D  C  A  A
74  C  A  B  B 74  C  B  A  A 149  C  C  B  C
75  B  C  D  A 75  A  B  D  C 150  A  A  A  A

The NDA 1 answer key will be published for both papers as Paper 1 Maths Answer Key and Paper 2 General ability test answer key. As well as official website  publish the NDA Answer key 2014  then our team will update here. NDA 1 Answer Key 2014 will be published of all sets as Code A, Code B, Code C and Code D answer key 2014. All of you have  patience at least one days so that the NDA Answer Key 2014 will be published by good accuracy. After checking the NDA Answer Key 2014 can figure their estimated NDA cut off marks.  All Students are advised to keep in touch with us for for all necessary details as UPSC NDA Exam Result 2013.

Students who can not fill up the NDA Application Form 2014 , need not to worry  they can fill NDA NA 2015 Application Form from here and also download Hall ticket NDA NA by visiting the given link.

NDA NA 1 Answer Key 2014:

UPSC NDA NA 1 Exams will be conduct on April 2014 candidates who are appearing in NDA NA exams can check answer key after successfully update by UPSC . Candidates can check answer key here.

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    What sort of key this is? Half of the responses are incorrect.
    In Mathematics paper (set A), question no. 9, 12, 17, 25, 28, 36, 45, 49, 66, 68, 69, 70, 78, 79 & 80.
    In GAT (set A), question no. 16, 18, 26, 28, 30, 33, 44, 48, 58, 63, 66, 67, 75, 76, 77, 80, 86, 95, 98, 110, 118, 125, 129, 130, 136, 137, 140, 149 are definitely incorrect. I have confirmed their solutions from my teachers at FIITJEE and internet. I believe there were some typing errors. You are requested to rectify them as soon as possible.

    • Shubh says:

      You r right but some of the questions listed by u in wrong category are infact right in GAT.I don’t know of Mathematics

  112. satendra says:

    sir what is the the cutoff marks for mathematics exam ant what is total cutoff for NDA exam …….

  113. jitesh chahar says:

    yes your score is enough to let you clear the cut off marks
    your selection is sure

  114. rahul b suresh says:

    sir i need the same thing that all other students,so plz publish answer key as soon as possible………

  115. Rajesh says:

    Madarchoddd saala, answer key bhi galat daala hai….behenchoddd jab jaanta nhi hai to daalta kahe ko hai be….teri maa ki c**t

  116. Rahul Dagar says:

    please send me the answer key

  117. Rahul Dagar says:

    please send me the nda set C answer key

  118. Vikas Dwivedi says:

    sir i find problem in some of the answer in nda1 mentioned in this site for set A
    question numbers(in mathematics paper) are 12, 19, 28, 34, 36, 40, 45, 107 & 112
    question numbers(in General Ability paper) are 26, 115 & 140.
    Please sir check the answer key again & reply to my mail soon.
    thank you.

  119. Prashant says:

    2012 cut off marks is 333….this time it will be around 430 or 450!!!!

  120. amar says:

    sir pls mail me answer key of set D

  121. Ajit says:

    plz send to me answer on my id

  122. faizi says:

    I m getting. tOtal of 410 whether I will select or not

  123. ritesh says:


  124. Gwjwnsar brahma says:

    i scored 350.1 marks in NDA I exm. will i get call letter for SSB?

  125. shivam says:




  127. Nr choyal says:

    I think that The cutoff will about 440-460

  128. Kamal gautam says:

    I got total 338 marks in nda exam.can i got select in this exam?

  129. mayank poswal says:

    plz send me key of set-D of both mathmatics and gka

  130. rakesh kumar says:

    plz sir d code both paper key mail

  131. Iliyas says:

    sir,plz send me the answers key 4 both set D n B 2 my mail.thanks

  132. Chandan kumar says:

    Sir Snd me ans key mathematics d booklet series C
    nd gnrl ablty bklt ser A
    snd me now sir

  133. aravind chowdary says:

    Sir pls send the answers &results dates

  134. Nitin Kumar says:

    what is the last years cut off marks…

  135. Anand singh says:

    Dear sir,
    I want answer of both sub.maths set-D.And Genral ability set-A.Right now on my mail.plz sir…

  136. AJITH CHANDRAN P says:

    Sir i want to know my result and rank list please publish NDA1 results in small time period i am waiting for that by faith fully AJITH CHANDRAN P

  137. sothing mark rk says:

    sir,can you pliz send me the answers of codes D.And also the cutoff marks of NDA1 exam 2013 through my id.thanks

  138. mahendra says:

    sir,my roll number 16346 h.
    please send me NDA1 result.

  139. sujeet kumar says:

    sir nda ka result kab tak aayega

  140. Himanshu Samal says:

    when will the results of nda 1 written test be announced?

  141. GAJENDER says:

    Sir, plz…sent answer key me id

  142. ANKIT KUMAR says:

    please sir,answer key juld provide kar digiye.

  143. rahul says:

    hllo sir em rahulnd i m getting 370 out of 900 in nda 2…. will i get call letter or not???

  144. Saket Suman says:

    sir.pls snd me the ans key of
    mathematics c.
    nd gat a.
    pls its a kind request.i cant wait any longer

  145. Anand mishra says:

    Wtf.. Sb galat hai.. Correct answerkey upload kro

    • baij says:

      i am completely in favour of you…its a wrong answer key….so please upload the correct answer key sir…

      • baij says:

        ques no 53(setB) your answer is C option…and the same question in set C(ques no 96) your answer is A option…how can this be possible that same question has two diffrent answers..i suggest you to please check your answers before publishing it on net…just because of you students are going in depression,so please dont do this..and correct yous answers please.

  146. SATYAM SONI says:

    HELLO SIR, PLEASE,tell me when the answer key of NDA 2013 ,which is held on 11 AUGUST ,will come.

  147. jack says:

    pliz dont publish wrong answer keys and pliz dont try to confuse the candidates

  148. Ankit says:

    Wrong answers in the given solution

    Maths ke answer jo sahi he usko wrong likha he

  149. ravi says:

    plzz mail me solutions of D of both mathematics and general abilities.

  150. aman rathore says:

    sir, please send me nda 2 answer key quickly.

  151. sandeep yadav says:

    sir your answer key totley wrong plese recheck your answer key and then lode for side thank . tan15

  152. chandra shekhar pall says:

    nda2 2013 ka answer key kab ayaga

  153. rishabh says:

    The Worst answer key Ive ever seen

  154. ashutosh says:

    send me ans key of set-D of both maths and GAT

  155. kuldeep sharma says:

    sir, your answer key is totally wrong…….

  156. Aniket says:

    abe….kaunse gaon se aaya hai….answer key check karke de…..u just dont have any sense of checking answers so in future please dont do it.

  157. Nikhil says:

    avi hi kuch bhi upload kar diya…?

  158. Rajat Bhati says:

    Sir send me nda 2 2013 answer key soon

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