Results of any Entrance Exam is most power factor for those students who took entrance exams before some days because they are decide future planning of study which depend upon entrance exams results. There are many decision depends upon the entrance exams results such as which college is going to choose and what to do next, every of pending decision wait only and only for exam results. Just obtaining good results change the life of a students mean to say after getting the results he/she can decide about their career in the easy way. Online India Education Provide a best way to find out exam results as board exam results in fact state exam results also.

Choose Your Result from the following list, if you not found your result in this list then tell us which results you need via commenting below. We will touch you back soon.

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  1. Ratul kumar mahto says:

    when come the wbut odd sem result-2013

  2. kumud ranjan says:

    what z my roll no-17000312017
    1st sem.

  3. Aditya says:

    reply when the result r roll no. is 10400212006

  4. SAHELI DAS says:

    what my result 1st sem-2013

  5. Purnima hajari says:

    What my result? My roll no-1220112122 / 3rd sem

  6. Biswanath Das says:

    What is my result…….My roll no. is 15500712015, 1st semester

  7. Asif Mondal says:

    1st sem. Roll no.16301612010. Plz tell my result

  8. Milan Kumar Ghosh says:

    What my result 7th semester?Roll no:-09120007022

  9. Rajdip Maji says:

    what is my result?? Roll number-11500212033 1st sem

  10. Ankush Dey says:

    What is my result?my roll is 10900712010.1st sem

  11. tapan says:

    result in 1st semister roll no.14800512061

  12. ASMITA BASAK says:

    What is my result? my roll no is 11700312081, 1st semester

  13. sampad narayan chakraborty says:

    I am a btech 2nd sem in civil eng roll no is 16301312036.i want to know the date when our 2012-2013 sesion review result publish.pls pls soon as posible.

  14. rupa biswas says:

    I want to know about my 1st sem MBA review result of 2012-2013

  15. Ravi says:

    i want to check my result wbut 2006-2010 6th, 7th and 8th sem as i missed placed my marks cards. can any one help me.

  16. SRIMOYE SEN says:

    What is my result, 4th sem, Roll No – 11500111106

  17. Aman Rajput says:

    Wbut ka result kb tak aaega

  18. NUBLA.P says:

    I want to know my UOH entrance examination result -2014

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