Results of any Entrance Exam is most power factor for those students who took entrance exams before some days because they are decide future planning of study which depend upon entrance exams results. There are many decision depends upon the entrance exams results such as which college is going to choose and what to do next, every of pending decision wait only and only for exam results. Just obtaining good results change the life of a students mean to say after getting the results he/she can decide about their career in the easy way. Online India Education Provide a best way to find out exam results as board exam results in fact state exam results also.

Choose Your Result from the following list, if you not found your result in this list then tell us which results you need via commenting below. We will touch you back soon.

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  1. binish says:

    when will the s.s.l.c result publishing.

  2. hiran says:

    When will sslc result of 2013 publish

  3. saju says:

    When will the s.s.l.c result of 2013 publish

  4. Abhijith says:

    When will the 2013 sslc result publish

  5. JISHAD JABBAR says:

    When will sslc results declare? Iwant to know how many score i got????

  6. priyanka says:

    i want to knw my result fast

  7. sasi says:

    i want to my result now

  8. priyanka says:

    when is the sslc result publishing

  9. javed says:

    i am waiting f0r my life risilt…..::!!!!!!!???

  10. mathu k.s says:

    I want to know my result

  11. mariarose says:

    When is the SSLC result publishing

  12. Elbin says:

    When will the sslc 2013 result get published?i want to know it fast

  13. THaNseer says:

    Where is my sslc EXAM results?
    I want IT fast ***

  14. arshu says:

    iwants to change my name in my sslc book .how can i ? Wht i wants to do?
    I already published in gucsset and noticed in news daily.

  15. Ajith S says:

    my exam s.s.l.c exam result go fast

  16. Amal says:

    I want to know my result

  17. maria rose says:

    when will get 10th exam result

  18. Harikrishnan.v.s says:


  19. shanastk says:

    When will the sslc exam result get published?

  20. MUNAVIR KV says:

    were is my sslc exam result ?
    I want it fast ***
    Iam waiting for the result………

  21. navin says:

    i want to know my result

  22. Akash s raj says:

    i am also weighting for the result.

  23. alen lisa says:

    wat’s the time the result r published..

  24. Anshad says:

    What was the time the result published

  25. anil krishnan says:

    i want to my result quekly please……………nice day for all of the kerala studens.

  26. Sagar says:

    I want to know my exam result very faster as possible………..plz………!

  27. able says:

    how i get the SSLC register Govt highersecondary school Anchal West

  28. jenil says:

    when will publish the exam results

  29. dhakwan says:

    I didnt get my sslc results
    now its time 12.35

  30. mohan says:

    in the result of my niece she has scored A+ in 6 subjects,C+ in 2 subjects and and A in two subjects.what s the percentage of marks or clarify
    A+ means above 95%
    C+ means
    A means

  31. sajimon v j says:

    Is there any way to know the marks on individual subjects of SSLC -2013, published today (24-04-2013)?

  32. ragesh.a r says:

    i want grades change to marks.

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